TRE FORZE! Italien

The Beginnings

For many years a long since forgotten secret of Italian Espresso Culture lay dormant in a small village at the foot of the volcano Mount Etna. People for whom the passion for espresso café has become their main purpose in life, have brought this secret back to the light of day.

The Vision

In times in which technocrats dictate our daily life and quantity takes precedence over quality, some »Espressonists« have thought back to the roots of Italian Espresso Culture.

The small village

In this typically Sicilian village the world is still as it should be. Children play in the alleyways, the elderly meet on the Piazza in front of the small bar for the purpose of playing cards, and housewives talk about cooking recipes. This is the background for an unforgettable Espresso café.

The Genuine and True

In the home of TRE FORZE! Logo Espresso cafe, things such as speed, the optimisation of processes or Just In Time are of no importance. Care, calmness and a passion for quality are the adjectives that are important here.