TRE FORZE! Products

The cultivation

Raw coffee grown on family-run farms in the best cultivation areas in Peru, Costa Rica, Togo, Kamerun and Brasilien, make it possible that the highest quality beans that money can buy can be used.


An often underestimated but immensely important factor. A cool, dry shipping of the raw coffee is an important factor for the quality of the Espresso café. If stored in an improper manner, it is possible that mould may form and that the quality be significantly impaired. This is not the case at TRE FORZE! Logo. At TRE FORZE! Logo he raw coffee is brought to Sicily stored in cool, dry places on board special ships.

Roasting tradition

The great-grandparents of the current TRE FORZE! Logo roasting maestro developed a unique roasting procedure. This procedure has been handed down from generation to generation and stood the test of time. It was never intended that this quality espresso should also be on offer outside the borders of Sicily.
But would it not be a shame to have such a jewel in Sicily alone?

The Roasting proceduren

The TRE FORZE! Logo Espresso cafe is roasted slowly in small lots (sack containing 60 Kilos per sack) over an open fire fed with wood taken from Sicilian olive trees.

This olive wood is stored in a dry place for at least 12 months and comes from the olive tree groves that are to be found in the area around the Mount Etna volcano.

The lava upon which the olive trees grow is full of the most fertile substances that enrich the wood with minerals and, upon being burnt, develop a unique aroma. That is what makes this procedure so unique.

The direct contact made between the flame and the beans results in a special, unmistakable Espresso experience.

The Result

The TRE FORZE! Logo Espresso café is, thanks to the unusual manner in which it is roasted, significantly creamier and thicker and also contains less caffeine. With TRE FORZE! Logo anybody using any machine can make a first-class cup of Espresso. In terms of optical effect, taste and content this Espresso café represents the zenith of Espresso culture.